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Puss Frigging in the Bathroom


Dianna is such a horn dog.  I swear to goodness, that babe always has something stuffed into her vagina.  I’d stayed over at her place one night and we’d been fucking like wild for hours already that morning so you’d think she would have been satisfied but not her.  When I went into the bathroom she followed me in – naked as usual – and was chatting away to me while I was brushing my teeth.  She was sitting on the edge of the tub, straddling it.  Well, I guess she liked the feel of it because she started rubbing her vag against the porcelain. 

Then she reached over and grabbed the loofa and rubbed it against her pussy.  She had her ass in the air and I just happened to notice that my toothbrush had some wicked ridges on the end so I rinsed it off and slid it into her hole.  She loved it but she wanted something thicker so I grabbed her hairbrush and stuffed the handle into her pussy.  I never would have figured fucking her skank with weird things would get me so sexy but my cock was hard AGAIN so I screwed her some more.  It just never ends with that babe. 

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Thing To Fuck In the Bathroom

I have to admit – I’m one of the horniest chickz I’ve ever known.  All of my girlfriends complain about how all their guys think about is fucking and I only wish I could meet a dude that could keep up with me.  So far, I haven’t so I’ve gotten a petite creative over the years trying to satisfy my lust.


I’ve found out that there are a lot more things out there that can get me off.  Sure, I use my fingers and I have a whole dong box under my bed.  But sometimtes I just want something werid and freaky.  One morning I was in the bathroom getting prepared for work and just as I was about to plug in my curling iron I noticed what a amazing shape it had.  And it opened and closed!  Well before I even thought twice about it I was fucking my every juicy puss with it.  It was so hard and smooth and long!  It felt awesome.  And when I opened it up I could stretch my kunt really nicely and that made me even hotter.  It didn’t take long before I was bent over the tub with that curling iron in my gash and cumming quick.  When I looked around, I realized there are all sorts of fuckable objects in the bathroom!


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Eggplant Stretched Puss

I’ve fucked a lot of babes in the past few years – hell, I’m sowing my insane oats!  And some were just vanilla chickz and boring as hell.  But there are some that I will never forget.  There have been some pretty freaky chickz and those are the ones I remember.

I remember this 1 girl very vividly – what the hell was her name?  Oh well, doesn’t really matter.  Anyway, she had a fetish that blew my mind.  She had a thing for veggie fucking.  Yes, she loved my cock but she really loved it when I’d come over with a bag of produce from the supermarket.  She knew then that we were in for a fun night.  Her favorite veggie was eggplant.  Really!  She loved it when I would fuck her with 1 of those babies.  Nice and thick, stretched her skank pretty good.  One night I tied her up and teased her with carrots and cucumbers for a bit.  Then I brought out the eggplant. 

I really had to force that bugger into her snatch because it was pretty thick at the end.  But once I got it in there I just sat back and watched.  She couldn’t move her hands at all even though she wanted to fuck herself with it.  Instead, she used her pussy muscles and squeezed that thing until it was moving back in forth in lil motions.  I sat there stroking my boner until I couldn’t stand it any more.  Then I went over there, stroked that veggie out in once swift movement and rammed my peen home.  With her pussy all stretched out like that I could fuck her as hard as I wanted and she loved every second of it.


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Tiffini Likes to Bake for Her Stud


I always wondered why my girlfriend Tiffani loved to bake so much. She would spend hour after hour in the kitchen making me 1 thing or another and was always asking for requests. I figured she was just trying to keep up with my yummy tooth and simply wanted to make me happy. Well today I found out the truth and it wasn’t about keeping me happy! Don’t get me wrong, I loved why she was in the kitchen so much and could barely wait to join her. 

U see, I stopped by early 1 day and the door was open so I let myself in. She was in the kitchen again, as always, but this time all I could hear was the sound of her moaning. I quietly looked around the corner and saw Tiffani on all fours fucking her yummy puss with a wooden spoon. I stroked my penis out my pants and started to stroke it as she continued to shove everything she could find deep into her wet snatch. It wasn’t long before I entered the kitchen and plowed my rock hard cock deep inside her.

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Betty and Her Veggie Toys

Sometimes when I’m in the mood for some pornography, I want something that is a small bit different – not just the average man meat slobbing, puss pumping stuff, you know?  I want something creative and fun, but still sexy.  And there’s so much hc out there like that.  But 1 of my favorite sites when I’m in a funky mood is Veggie Bang.  This site is wild and insane and the babes are definately a petite bit freaky.

Betty is just one of their hot models and she knows just how to put her veggies to the best use.  She’s found all sorts of veggies make amazing masturbation toys.  Like this piece of celery.  It has all these funky ridges that feel really great when she rubs them against her clit.  And when she slides it inside her juicy kunt it feels super against her g-spot. I love watching her fuck her yummy teen muff with a vegetable, whether it is celery, a cucumber, or a bumpy corn cob!  She’s all about the creativity and funky veggie fucking and you will be too once you get a load of her in action!  You’ll be ready to shoot a load yourself.


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