Eggplant Stretched Puss

I’ve fucked a lot of babes in the past few years – hell, I’m sowing my insane oats!  And some were just vanilla chickz and boring as hell.  But there are some that I will never forget.  There have been some pretty freaky chickz and those are the ones I remember.

I remember this 1 girl very vividly – what the hell was her name?  Oh well, doesn’t really matter.  Anyway, she had a fetish that blew my mind.  She had a thing for veggie fucking.  Yes, she loved my cock but she really loved it when I’d come over with a bag of produce from the supermarket.  She knew then that we were in for a fun night.  Her favorite veggie was eggplant.  Really!  She loved it when I would fuck her with 1 of those babies.  Nice and thick, stretched her skank pretty good.  One night I tied her up and teased her with carrots and cucumbers for a bit.  Then I brought out the eggplant. 

I really had to force that bugger into her snatch because it was pretty thick at the end.  But once I got it in there I just sat back and watched.  She couldn’t move her hands at all even though she wanted to fuck herself with it.  Instead, she used her pussy muscles and squeezed that thing until it was moving back in forth in lil motions.  I sat there stroking my boner until I couldn’t stand it any more.  Then I went over there, stroked that veggie out in once swift movement and rammed my peen home.  With her pussy all stretched out like that I could fuck her as hard as I wanted and she loved every second of it.


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