Thing To Fuck In the Bathroom

I have to admit – I’m one of the horniest chickz I’ve ever known.  All of my girlfriends complain about how all their guys think about is fucking and I only wish I could meet a dude that could keep up with me.  So far, I haven’t so I’ve gotten a petite creative over the years trying to satisfy my lust.


I’ve found out that there are a lot more things out there that can get me off.  Sure, I use my fingers and I have a whole dong box under my bed.  But sometimtes I just want something werid and freaky.  One morning I was in the bathroom getting prepared for work and just as I was about to plug in my curling iron I noticed what a amazing shape it had.  And it opened and closed!  Well before I even thought twice about it I was fucking my every juicy puss with it.  It was so hard and smooth and long!  It felt awesome.  And when I opened it up I could stretch my kunt really nicely and that made me even hotter.  It didn’t take long before I was bent over the tub with that curling iron in my gash and cumming quick.  When I looked around, I realized there are all sorts of fuckable objects in the bathroom!


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