Tiffini Likes to Bake for Her Stud


I always wondered why my girlfriend Tiffani loved to bake so much. She would spend hour after hour in the kitchen making me 1 thing or another and was always asking for requests. I figured she was just trying to keep up with my yummy tooth and simply wanted to make me happy. Well today I found out the truth and it wasn’t about keeping me happy! Don’t get me wrong, I loved why she was in the kitchen so much and could barely wait to join her. 

U see, I stopped by early 1 day and the door was open so I let myself in. She was in the kitchen again, as always, but this time all I could hear was the sound of her moaning. I quietly looked around the corner and saw Tiffani on all fours fucking her yummy puss with a wooden spoon. I stroked my penis out my pants and started to stroke it as she continued to shove everything she could find deep into her wet snatch. It wasn’t long before I entered the kitchen and plowed my rock hard cock deep inside her.

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