Betty and Her Veggie Toys

Sometimes when I’m in the mood for some pornography, I want something that is a small bit different – not just the average man meat slobbing, puss pumping stuff, you know?  I want something creative and fun, but still sexy.  And there’s so much hc out there like that.  But 1 of my favorite sites when I’m in a funky mood is Veggie Bang.  This site is wild and insane and the babes are definately a petite bit freaky.

Betty is just one of their hot models and she knows just how to put her veggies to the best use.  She’s found all sorts of veggies make amazing masturbation toys.  Like this piece of celery.  It has all these funky ridges that feel really great when she rubs them against her clit.  And when she slides it inside her juicy kunt it feels super against her g-spot. I love watching her fuck her yummy teen muff with a vegetable, whether it is celery, a cucumber, or a bumpy corn cob!  She’s all about the creativity and funky veggie fucking and you will be too once you get a load of her in action!  You’ll be ready to shoot a load yourself.


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