Puss Frigging in the Bathroom


Dianna is such a horn dog.  I swear to goodness, that babe always has something stuffed into her vagina.  I’d stayed over at her place one night and we’d been fucking like wild for hours already that morning so you’d think she would have been satisfied but not her.  When I went into the bathroom she followed me in – naked as usual – and was chatting away to me while I was brushing my teeth.  She was sitting on the edge of the tub, straddling it.  Well, I guess she liked the feel of it because she started rubbing her vag against the porcelain. 

Then she reached over and grabbed the loofa and rubbed it against her pussy.  She had her ass in the air and I just happened to notice that my toothbrush had some wicked ridges on the end so I rinsed it off and slid it into her hole.  She loved it but she wanted something thicker so I grabbed her hairbrush and stuffed the handle into her pussy.  I never would have figured fucking her skank with weird things would get me so sexy but my cock was hard AGAIN so I screwed her some more.  It just never ends with that babe. 

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