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Nina Gets Kinky in the Kitchen


Nina told me that I should come home early from work on Friday because she was cooking up something special for me.  She said she had this amazing new recipe that she wanted me to try out.  So on Friday afternoon I told my boss I had to leave early with promises of coming in early on Monday.  He had no problem with that.  

When I got home I got a hell of a surprise.  Nina was cooking up a storm alright.  She was crouched on the counter with not a damn thing on and she was stuffing a plump zuchinni right into her coocher!  I just stood there admiring the site for a moment and then I went over to give her a hand.  She happily leaned back and spread her thighs so I could stuff that veggie even further up her puss.  Once I got it as far in as I could I nailed the hell out of her with that thick crisp veggie and she came like my good tiny slut does.  Of course, by that time I was hard as a rock so I put her over the kitchen table and had my own fun with her.  She moaned up a storm as I shot my jism inside her and then asked if I was ready for dinner now that I’d already had dessert. 

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Watt The Hell is That?

My latest fling is a hottie by the name of Isabelle and for some reason this lady just likes to stuff anything and everything into her tight little puss as well as her backside. At first I thought she just loved a good double penetration, my penis in her snatch and a toy in her butt. But as I got to know her better Isabelle started to slowly reveal a petite more of herself and I have to admit I was more than just a small curious.

The last time I was over at her place she had all kinds of objects just lying around and I asked her what was up. Isabelle told me that she was going to put on a show for me and proceeded to begin masturbating with everything that surrounded her. There were table legs and backside plugs. There were cucumbers and wrenches. It seemed a tiny bizarre at first but I started getting into it as she moaned and groaned. Her grand finale was a light bulb in both her ass and her ho – what a way to light up a room!

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Lola Loves Her Veggies!

I took a trip to the grocery store last night hoping to cook up something healthy for a change but when I got back home my girlfriend Lola was waiting for me wearing nothing but a smile and as horny as hell. She told me to lose the groceries and then got down on her knees and started to suck my cock until it was as hard as a rock. Much to my surprise she then sat me down on the sofa and told me to keep jerking my peen as I was in for a show.

I did as I was told because I know Lola and she is one hell of an entertainer. Lola likes to stuff all kinds of veggies into her tight petite puss but tonight’s special was an eggplant that I had purchased earlier that evening. As she squatted over that bad boy and slid it into her bitch I shot a huge load of jizz that damn near knocked her over!

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Arianna Gives her Neighbor a Penis


How many times have u chuckled to yourself when you’ve seen a sexy babe buying something like bananas or cucumbers? I know I am always on the lookout for just that trying to imagine some slut in heat just slamming some fat veggie deep into her muff. Yesterday I found out that this isn’t just something for my imagination.  

I went over to my neighbor’s place to dl if my buddy wanted to see the football game on my large screen TV. I got the surprise of a lifetime as his wife, Arianna, was on the sofa in the living room fingering her hot box and playing with her tubby jugs for all to view. From outside their living room window I watched as Arianna then grabbed a big banana and slowly slid that thing inside her like it was the first hard dick she had every seen. I kept on watching until she came loudly and lay back exhausted from her efforts. Ever the opportunist, I then decided it was time to ring the doorbell and greet her with my weiner in my hands. Arianna opened the door slowly and simply got on her knees to give me the best bj of my entire life!

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Screwed on the Kitchen Table With A Cucumber


My girlfriend, Betty, is a real pervert.  She loves trying to shock me but she’s learning that I’m just as large of a perv as she is.  1 day we were making a salad to go with our dinner when she grabbed the cucumber I was about to cut up and started licking and slobbing at it.  Pretty soon she was slobbing that thick veggie as far into her mouth as she could handle.  Her eyes were full of mischief and I new she was looking for trouble. 

I warned her that she was asking for it but she either really wanted it or she didn’t believe me.  Well, she believed me real fast when I picked her up and put her on the table and tugged her panties off.  Her muff was nice and juicy and when I pressed it against her hole it sucked it up.  As I pressed against her puss more and more I started licking at her clit and she was moaning like insane.  Pretty soon she started bucking her hips against me and she came with great intensity.

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