Screwed on the Kitchen Table With A Cucumber


My girlfriend, Betty, is a real pervert.  She loves trying to shock me but she’s learning that I’m just as large of a perv as she is.  1 day we were making a salad to go with our dinner when she grabbed the cucumber I was about to cut up and started licking and slobbing at it.  Pretty soon she was slobbing that thick veggie as far into her mouth as she could handle.  Her eyes were full of mischief and I new she was looking for trouble. 

I warned her that she was asking for it but she either really wanted it or she didn’t believe me.  Well, she believed me real fast when I picked her up and put her on the table and tugged her panties off.  Her muff was nice and juicy and when I pressed it against her hole it sucked it up.  As I pressed against her puss more and more I started licking at her clit and she was moaning like insane.  Pretty soon she started bucking her hips against me and she came with great intensity.

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