Arianna Gives her Neighbor a Penis


How many times have u chuckled to yourself when you’ve seen a sexy babe buying something like bananas or cucumbers? I know I am always on the lookout for just that trying to imagine some slut in heat just slamming some fat veggie deep into her muff. Yesterday I found out that this isn’t just something for my imagination.  

I went over to my neighbor’s place to dl if my buddy wanted to see the football game on my large screen TV. I got the surprise of a lifetime as his wife, Arianna, was on the sofa in the living room fingering her hot box and playing with her tubby jugs for all to view. From outside their living room window I watched as Arianna then grabbed a big banana and slowly slid that thing inside her like it was the first hard dick she had every seen. I kept on watching until she came loudly and lay back exhausted from her efforts. Ever the opportunist, I then decided it was time to ring the doorbell and greet her with my weiner in my hands. Arianna opened the door slowly and simply got on her knees to give me the best bj of my entire life!

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