Medical Fetish – Part 2

What are you doing, Desiree moaned!?! I’m doing your tits, she responded evenly, you don’t want stretch marks ruining the appearance of your lovely tits do you, after all, you husband must adore those just like they are, isn’t that true!?! Y-yesssss, she hissed as the medical assistant gently pinched her nipples, he loves them, he likes big boobs!!!

Does he suckle on them for you, she asked in barely a whisper, they seem quite sensitive to my touch!?! He sucks them every night, she moaned, I medical assistant him just like a baby!!! I’m sure that when you’re full of milk that he’ll want you to feed him just like your baby, medical assistant Bentley added a matter of factly!!! Do you think I’ll have sufficient milk for both of them, she groaned, I want to make sure that the baby has sufficient to drink!?! Oh, don’t worry about that, the medical assistant responded speedily, your chest is plenty large sufficient to feed both your hubby and baby with sufficient left over to feed three more!!! The medical assistant continued dragging and tugging on Desiree’s nipples, until she asked gently, Is your crack damp, sweet honey, you seem to be very excited!?! God, I’m simply dripping, she groaned, my cunt is on fire!!!

medical assistant Bentley now directed her attention to Desiree’s wet crack, and after a moment’s indecision on offer, You know of course that you will be given monthly exams by Dr. Maxwell, and to make it easier for him, we recommend that our patients shave their cracks!!! Really, Desiree responded roughly, I’ve never done that sooner than!?!

Well it has to be done, dear, she responded while getting out the shaving equipment, now be a good girl and just be still while I shave you baby smooth, okay!?! Desiree gulped audibly while medical assistant Bentley massaged warm shaving cream into her thick bush, and as her finger bumped into the excited lady’s very distended clitoris, she moaned and groaned, while practically orgasming on several occasions!!! When she figured that her bush was smooth sufficient, the medical assistant carefully used a double edge razor to dispose of every last bit of hair from the overly curvy organ leaving it smooth as a rock!!!