Tarra White Tests How Deep It Can Go.

Tarra went to the club looking for a date. She had her knit top on and no bra so her little nipples stuck out through the fabric. She had on a tiny skirt that barely covered her perfect ass. She looked all over the club, and finally found a guy sitting in the corner. She approached him and asked if he wanted to go to the VIP room. He agreed.

Once they were alone in the VIP room, Tarra sat on the couch and spread her legs open. Her man’s eyes got big, but she said he could only watch and not touch her. As Tarra’s legs opened, she revealed her see-through lace panties. With her legs still spread, Tarra pulled her skirt up and rubbed her naked tits. Then she let her hands slid down to her crotch where she stroked her pussy through the lace panties. Finally, Tarra pulled off her panties and really started to have some fun.

She leaned back and opened her pussy for her guy’s viewing pleasure. She rubbed her clit with her fingertips, making her whole cunt completely wet. Once her fingers were covered with juice, Tarra slipped two fingers deep in her pussy. She finger fucked herself and came all over her hand. She licked her cream from her fingers and then grabbed the dildo in her purse. Tarra rubbed the dildo over her wet pussy to get it slick and moist. Then she edged the tip of the dildo over her little asshole and much to her guy’s shock, she jammed it into her tight asshole as hard as she could.

Tarra began fucking herself unmercifully with the huge dildo. The head of the dildo disappeared into her ass, and then the shaft sank deeper and deeper. While she was ramming the rod into her ass, Tarra started to cum again. She screamed as the dildo hit a new depth in her tight asshole and Tarra felt her juicy wetness slip from her cunt and onto her thighs.

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