The Woman Was a Freak


I met this chick on the weekend and she was so freaky. She was my buddy’s ex-girlfriend but they broke up years ago. He was always telling me what a freak she was but he’d never give me any details so when I ran into her at a party and she started coming on to me I couldn’t resist finding out for myself. She said we could go back to her place because her roommate was away for the weekend. So we went back there and she said she wanted to give me a show. She went into the kitchen and came back with a banana. I thought maybe she had the munchies but instead she whipped off her pants and her panties and started to rub it between her legs. Then that banana started to disappear into her juicy slit! Well, that got me pretty hard I’ll tell ya. After she was done with the banana she was ready for some real man meat and I gave her what she wanted!

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