Always Eat Your Veggies

Lola and I have been shopping together for years and ever since I can remember she has always teased me whenever we hit the produce section. Lola just likes to tell me how much a cucumber looks like a guy’s rock hard weiner and even starts to blow the damn thing right in the store! She is always surprising me with her antics but last night an innocent scene night for the babes turned into my first lesbian experience.

Lola and I had finished watching the video and she went to make us some drinks to relax a tiny more. When she came back from the kitchen she had the drinks all right, but also a tray of vegetables. I thought Lola was going to put on a show for me but I soon found out that she wanted me as the main course. We spent hours ramming all sorts of veggies into our pussies and it wasn’t long before I got to taste my first puss!

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