Ashley Loves Her Veggies


  Ashley is a very natural woman with amazing natural beauty and she attributes a lot of that to all the fresh vegetables that she gobbles.  She love fresh garden carrots and crisp cucumbers and zucchini as well.  But she doesn’t just eat them.  Ashley likes to play with her food. 

Once Ashley gets a taste of a thick cucumber in her mouth she can’t resist rubbing it against her perk lil titties.  Then, she takes it down to her clit and rubs it around there for a bit until it is covered in her wet puss juices.  Then – this is the greatest thing to dl – she slides that huge bumpy cucumber right into her tight petite hole!  It’s a bit of a tight fit but she keeps twisting and turning it until she has a stretched out hole that full of veggie love!  There’s nothing that makes her jizm harder than a veggie stuffed ho! 

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