Lola Makes a Confession


 I’d been seeing Lola for a few weeks before she told me her tubby confession.  I didn’t think she could get any freakier because she’d already told me about her girlfriends (they were allowed over any time!) and the gang bang she’d been in and the couple of videos that were out on the onlineweb.  She was insane and kinky and she was willing to do anything I wanted.  I couldn’t ask for more. 

But one day she told me that she had to confess something and she was a little worried about how I would react.  I though, what could be anything crazier than the other things she’d already told me.  Then she said it – she had a veggie fucking fetish.  I asked her what she meant and she said it would be better if she showed me.  So, she got this large veggie from the fridge, pulled off her panties and started rubbing it against her muff.  Then, slowly, she started pushing it inside of her and she penetrated herself with it.  I never imagined that veggie fucking could turn me on so much!  After she came a couple times and I was hard as a rock we had the greatest fuck ever.  Hmmm, I wonder what other veggies would be good to stock up with? 

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