Freaky Chickz and Freaky Insertions


There are chickz out there that like good old vanilla sex. They like missionary, they’ll suck wang if they have to, and they might try doggie style if they are feeling adventurous. Those are not my kinda chickz. Personally, I like freaky girls that are into all sorts of different things. I like a woman that isn’t afraid of exploring her boundaries or getting insane in the bedroom – or in the car, in the park, or where ever the mood might hit her. This babe is totally into experimentation. She loves to play with her puss and her newest thing is finding weird and bizarre objects to fuck herself with. So far she’s found that veggies, beer bottles, kitchen utensils, and stuffed toys make awesome fuck toys and her pussy really likes the different sizes and textures. Yesterday she was in the bathroom giving her clit a work over with a toothbrush while she filled her vagina with her curling iron!

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