House Cleaning Gets Raunchy


My girlfriend, Marla, said she was going to stay home and do some of the house cleaning 1 Saturday afternoon. I was headed out for a run in the park and didn’t think anything of it. So I had my run and then came home and you wouldn’t believe what I found! I walked in the door and I guess I must have been kind of quiet because she obviously didn’t hear me. She was too busy moaning and groaning in the living room. At first I thought she had another guy there or something but when I peeked in I found her with her legs spread open and her vagina stuffed with the end of the feather duster! She was really working herself over with the handle of that thing! I watched for a moment as she slid that duster in and out of her juicy vag but I couldn’t just stand there for long. I went and gave her a hand!

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