Celery Stuffed Holes

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So, my buddy hooked me up with this chick last weekend. He promised that I would like her. We hung out and had a good time but she wasn’t bangin’ hot, you know what I mean? But she really wanted me to come back to her place for a couple more drinks, so I figured what the hell.

When we went inside she was all over me. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to do her yet but she promised me a freaky good time. So we started making out and fooling around. I have to admit she did have a amazing butt. Then, she suddenly got up and told me to wait a sec. I figured she was going to get condoms or something. But she went into the kitchen and started rooting around. I thought it was a rather weird time for a snack. She came back with condoms in one hand and some fat stalks of celery in the other. “Are u hungry?” I asked her? She said yes, but not for food. She told me she wanted me to veggie fuck her! I was speechless. But that was ok because she told me exactly what to do and soon I was fucking her with that celery – one in her bitch and one in her backside!

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