Drunk Chickz Will Do Anything


 This chick I know, Epifany, loves to get a tiny wild.  We were hanging out last weekend and she got a little bit drunk and insane.  We went to a couple clubs and she was drinking like a fish.  By the end of the night she was all over me and practically begging for me to fuck her.  I asked her if she’d do anything I told her to and she said she would so I figured I’d have some fun with her. 

In the car I told her to take off her panties and finger herself right there in the parking lot.  She did and put on quite a show for me.  Then I took her back to my place and told her to play with herself some more while I got prepared.  I guess she thought she was going to get banged right away because she was really going to town on her puss with her fingers.  I came back with a bunch of things that I wanted to put in her snatch.  I wanted to view just how far she would go.  Well, she was up for anything.  We stuffed her pretty gash with all sorts of stuff – bottles, candles, kitchen utensils, and even a stuffed dong!  I figured she’d earned it so I banged her good and then she finally passed out with her ho full of my dude goo. 

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