Fun At The Farm

I’ve met a lot of freaky and wild babes in my life but Malezia has to be at the top of the list. This babe is super hot and she’s got at least half a dozen fetishes that I didn’t even know existed until I met her. We were out at a farm one weekend and taking a walk through the gardens and she started getting all excited. I asked her what the hell was the matter with her and she took a look at me, grabbed a stalk of corn and tugged me off to the barn.


Before I could even ask her what the hell was going on she had pulled up her skirt, stroked aside her panties and showed me how wet her twat was. I thought she wanted to fuck but before I could get my man meat out she had shoved that cob of corn in her coocher! Well, I couldn’t do anything but stand there with my cock in my hand and wank off as she satisfied her bizarre veggie craving. Let me tell you this though – stopping off at the supermarket has a whole new meaning now!

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