Freaky Babe Caught In The Act

I knew this woman once who had a ton of stuffed toys on her bed. I thought it was just one of those girly things – you know how some chickz hang on to their stuffed toys forever? It drives me insane, but whatever. Long as they don’t have to be on the bed while I’m fucking her. That just freaks me out.

tobistuffed.jpgAnyway, I’d been seeing her for awhile and she gave me a key to her apartment so I could come and go when I wanted. That was kind of cool. I used to go over in the evening after work when I needed some release sometimes and 1 night I really needed a good fuck. So I go over there and hear moaning from the bedroom. I think she’s fucking some other man so I go in there prepared to raise hell and find her with one of her stuffed animals legs buried in her vagina. I watched from the door way until I couldn’t stand it any more and then I jumped her and she came as soon as I sank my man meat in her vag.

She told me later that she had a thing for freaky insertions and did it freak me out? LOL – well, I fucked her again just to show her how little it freaked me out!

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