Some Chickz Never Stop Playing with Dolls


Some chickz refuse to grow up when it comes to their favorite childhood things and in this case we have quite the story. U download, this particular hottie has always maintained her collection of Barbie dolls and most people tease her about it. She just smiles very coyly and tells all of them that she just loves to keep her favorite childhood memories around her at all times.

What everyone doesn’t realize is that when she is alone her Barbie’s come to life in ways one would never imagine. After slowly undressing them and rubbing them down with some baby oil, her former toys come to life as her new found sex toys. It isn’t long before these dolls are finding there way into all of her holes. She especially likes it when that one special doll slides deep into her wet vagina all the way up to its neck. After fucking her toys all night long and cumming all over them she makes sure everything is back in its proper place come the next morning.

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