Rainy Day Has New Meaning

There are chickz that like vibrators and chickz that get off on stuffing themselves with veggies but you’ll never find girls that get off on fucking themselves with weird and bizarre objects like the babez at Twisted Objects.  The stranger the object and the more bizarre the penetration the hotter they get over it.

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 Sophia is one of the sexy girls that have a fetish for bizarre vag fucking.  One rainy day she discovered how wonderful her umbrella could be.  That curved hand had a great texture and was perfect for getting to her g-spot.  And the umbrella was so nice and long that it gave her a chance to maneuver it into the exact right position.  In fact it worked so good that it didn’t take her long at all before she was writhing around with the umbrella handled up her pussy and getting prepared for a major orgasm.  Sophia likes rainy days more than ever now!

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