Fun Fuck Toys

Candy doesn’t like to be left unsatisfied so even on those nights when she can’t be with her dude or someone else that can make her spunk she finds lots of ways to get herself off. On a night like tonight, when she’s at home, she reaches for her trusty vibrator. This thing purrs like a kitten and makes her vagina purr as well! She’s not always at home when she has the need to satisfy herself though so sometimes she has to get creative. One night when she was staying at a friend’s house she used her friend’s dad’s toothbrush! Another night, after crashing at a party she used an empty beer bottle. And 1 time, when her date had too much to drink and passed out before he could fuck her she used the candle sticks from the romantic dinner he made her. His loss. Candy knows that there are lots of things that are fun to fuck with!

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