Penny's Well Used Lane

Penny loves to masturbate. She often tells her friends that she would rather play with her own sweet, wet cunt than have any man fuck her tight hole. But even though she loved to fuck herself, Penny had a boyfriend. One day she was telling him about her love of masturbation, and he asked if he could watch her play with her little hole. Penny got very turned on at the thought of letting him see her finger and stroke her cunt, so she agreed.

Penny pulled up her shirt and exposed her tiny, perky tits. She rubbed them and pinched her little nipples. Once her top was off, she went for her skirt. She flashed her thong panties at her boyfriend before pulled her skirt off and letting it drop to the floor. She turned around and bent over as she pulled her thong panties off. She opened her legs just wide enough for her boyfriend to see how wet her little pussy was.

She stroked her clam with her fingers a sunk her fingers deep into her snatch. Once she primed her cunt for penetration, Penny took some of her beads and began pushing them into her wet cunt hole. Once they were all inside her, she pulled them out one by one, cumming every time the beads hit her special spot.

After she came several times, she wanted to fuck herself with her favorite dildo. Her boyfriend watched while Penny opened her legs as wide as they would go and she sunk an enormous dildo into her pussy hole. Her slippery cunt took the whole dildo in and she came over and over as the dildo slammed into her cunt. Penny made herself cum several times more and had completely soaked her thighs with sticky pussy cum before she lay back exhausted.

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