Kate’s Pink Holes

Some girls love sex. Some girls don’t. Kate loves sex, but she’d rather just be at home playing with her own pussy. She knows just how she likes it, and she has a very favorite dildo that always brings her to orgasm over and over again.

When Kate is in the mood for a little self loving, she pulls out her big orange dildo and then gets herself ready. She loves to strip off her clothes slowly, pulling off her bra and massaging her big round tits and pinching her perky nipples. Then she rubs her clit through her panties to get her cunt a little wet before she pulls down the panties and starts to really rube herself off. Kate’s fingers plummet into her cunt, and she pushed them deep inside herself. While she finger fucks her cunt, she rubs her little clit and finally releases her first orgasm all over her hands.

After she has had her first orgasm, Kate is ready to really start the fun. Her wet pussy is still throbbing with desire when she grabs her big dildo and rubs it along her body, teasing her perfect figure with it. Then Kate rubs her dildo along her swollen clit, letting her pussy juices lubricate the long girth of the dildo. Kate slides the dildo up into her cunt and groans as she starts to fuck herself. She pounds her cunt with the dildo until she’s ready to explode, then pulls it out and slides it up her tight asshole. Kate starts to finger her cunt again while she punished her ass with the dildo. Almost immediately Kate begins to feel her orgasm building in her pussy. The repeated pounding of the dildo in her asshole leads her on, and finally Kate release her second pussy clenching orgasm all over her fingers and the penetrating dildo.

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