Cory’s Sweet Cunt

Cory loves her job as a stripper. But when she’s on stage, she doesn’t get to do all the things she likes to do to herself. Cory loves to play with her body, strip herself naked, and then play with her little cunt until she has a mind bending orgasm. And she loves having strange men watch her do it. But she’s not allowed to do it at work, so she often invites her customers home with her to watch her private show.

Cory will bring home a guy and make him sit on a chair and watch as she does a little strip tease. She shakes her big boobs at the guy, pulls down the top of her dress, and flashes her tits at him. Then she turns around, bends over, and lifts the skirt of the dress up over her hips. Her naked pussy peaks out of the dress and her long legs are always clad in thigh high stockings.

Once Cory is naked, she will sit her bare pussy down on the couch and open her legs for her customer. Cory reaches down between her legs and spreads her pussy lips open for her man. She reaches down between her legs and strokes her clit, starting slowly, and then rubbing herself harder and harder. She loves it when her cunt gets so wet that she soaks her fingers.

Once her cunt is wet enough, Cory reaches for her huge dildo. She sucks the end of it, and then she runs it past her little swollen clit. She shudders at the feeling of the dildo sliding deep into her snatch, and then moans as she pumps the plastic shaft in and out of her hole. The faster she pumps, the closer she gets to a body rocking orgasm. Cory loves the way she fucks herself with the dildo, and within minutes, her cunt it throbbing with a dripping wet orgasm.

Original post by (Slick Ian)