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Bizzare Insertions Make Pussies Wet


Some chickz love to fuck. Some chickz love to suck boner. And some girls just love their pussies. They are totally infatuated with them. They like to diddle them. They like to show them off. And they love to stuff them with weird and bizarre objects. This babe is especially kinky. She will stuff her puss with anything that even remotely resembles a phallic object. She especially loves things with bumps and ridges and different textures and you might find her at any given time with a beer bottle or a cucumber or even a stuffed animal in her kunt. She gets really worked up when she’s fucking her kunt with something new and she cums so hard! And if she has an audience she’s even more thrilled because she knows that someone is watching her getting off while they get themselves off at the same time. So do her a favor and check her out!

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Freaky Chickz and Freaky Insertions


There are chickz out there that like good old vanilla sex. They like missionary, they’ll suck wang if they have to, and they might try doggie style if they are feeling adventurous. Those are not my kinda chickz. Personally, I like freaky girls that are into all sorts of different things. I like a woman that isn’t afraid of exploring her boundaries or getting insane in the bedroom – or in the car, in the park, or where ever the mood might hit her. This babe is totally into experimentation. She loves to play with her puss and her newest thing is finding weird and bizarre objects to fuck herself with. So far she’s found that veggies, beer bottles, kitchen utensils, and stuffed toys make awesome fuck toys and her pussy really likes the different sizes and textures. Yesterday she was in the bathroom giving her clit a work over with a toothbrush while she filled her vagina with her curling iron!

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Fun At The Farm

I’ve met a lot of freaky and wild babes in my life but Malezia has to be at the top of the list. This babe is super hot and she’s got at least half a dozen fetishes that I didn’t even know existed until I met her. We were out at a farm one weekend and taking a walk through the gardens and she started getting all excited. I asked her what the hell was the matter with her and she took a look at me, grabbed a stalk of corn and tugged me off to the barn.


Before I could even ask her what the hell was going on she had pulled up her skirt, stroked aside her panties and showed me how wet her twat was. I thought she wanted to fuck but before I could get my man meat out she had shoved that cob of corn in her coocher! Well, I couldn’t do anything but stand there with my cock in my hand and wank off as she satisfied her bizarre veggie craving. Let me tell you this though – stopping off at the supermarket has a whole new meaning now!

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Celery Stuffed Holes

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So, my buddy hooked me up with this chick last weekend. He promised that I would like her. We hung out and had a good time but she wasn’t bangin’ hot, you know what I mean? But she really wanted me to come back to her place for a couple more drinks, so I figured what the hell.

When we went inside she was all over me. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to do her yet but she promised me a freaky good time. So we started making out and fooling around. I have to admit she did have a amazing butt. Then, she suddenly got up and told me to wait a sec. I figured she was going to get condoms or something. But she went into the kitchen and started rooting around. I thought it was a rather weird time for a snack. She came back with condoms in one hand and some fat stalks of celery in the other. “Are u hungry?” I asked her? She said yes, but not for food. She told me she wanted me to veggie fuck her! I was speechless. But that was ok because she told me exactly what to do and soon I was fucking her with that celery – one in her bitch and one in her backside!

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Cucumber Fucking Is Hot

This cutie likes all things healthy and that especially include veggies because they satisfy more than her desire for healty living. They also satisfy her lusty desire to have her ho stuffed with something firm and hard! You can tell she really has something naughty in mind when she starts eyeing up this cucumber. She licks her lips and then she licks up and down its long hard surface and then she promptly finds a place where she can play. And once she’s alone that long cucumber is a perfect fit for her juicy lil skank.

She spreads her snatch lips open and slide that veggie in nice and slow so we can watch her pussy stretching open for it. Then she seems to totally loose control and starts fucking herself with it faster and faster. Damn this bitch is really horny! And I have to admit watching her go to town with that veggie made me pretty sexy as well! I just found out I have a whole new fetish!

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