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Babe Gets Freaky With a Golf Club


The chickz at Twisted Objects are truly twisted and bizarre. They love fitting strange and bizarre objects into their wet and slippery twats. The stranger it is the better. They look for things with lots of ridges and bumps and they can get pretty creative I tell ya. These bitches are just freaky! This 1 chick got freaky with a golf club. First she penetrated herself with the handle and it fit in easily. Too easily I guess because then she reached for a condom and covered the putter end with it. She somehow managed to fit that putter into her coocher and she got really excited. She was rubbing her clit and fucking herself with that putter and having a amazing old time. Then she came and she was so loud. These chickz are super kinky, super freaky, and super hot! They just can’t get enough weird and bizarre objects and they are always coming up with something new.

Twisted Objects has tons of sexy videos of freaky insertions and freaky girls so click here and check it out!

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Diana Is Freaky Bizarre

Diana looks like this adorable petite teen next door when u first look at her and when I found her at Twisted Object I was really surprised. It’s hard to believe that a sweet looking teen like that can be such a horny petite bitch. This woman will fuck anything and I’m not just talking about dudes. She’s kinda got a thing for fucking her vagina with the most unusual objects she can find.

When I found her I knew I had to join the site just so I could see more of her and boy did I ever! First of all, I’d never seen a site like this where chick fuck themselves with all sorts of bizarre objects but such sexy chickz, too (Diana is only one of the hotties here). Diana has scenes where she fucks herself with beer bottles, kitchen utensils, things that only belong in the bathroom – the list goes on. I tell ya, the first night I joined the site I sat there and wanked off all night long!

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Horny Ashley Loves Veggies

Ashley is such a horny young babe. U know, she is just always looking for something to fill her slut with because she’s always juicy wet. And when she hasn’t got a penis around, she can get might creative. I guess that’s why you’ll find her at Veggie Bang. She loves stuffing her coocher with all sorts of large veggies.

Just look at her slobbing on that large cucumber. She’s working it just like a cock! But she’s got something in mind for that veggie – once she’s got it good and lubed up with her mouth it’s going straight into her bitch! U should really see her fuck herself with it. I have and I tell you it’s beyond sexy – it’s fucking nasty! Ashley is mind blowing when she’s got a chubby veggie filling her slippery slit.

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Drunk Chickz Will Do Anything


 This chick I know, Epifany, loves to get a tiny wild.  We were hanging out last weekend and she got a little bit drunk and insane.  We went to a couple clubs and she was drinking like a fish.  By the end of the night she was all over me and practically begging for me to fuck her.  I asked her if she’d do anything I told her to and she said she would so I figured I’d have some fun with her. 

In the car I told her to take off her panties and finger herself right there in the parking lot.  She did and put on quite a show for me.  Then I took her back to my place and told her to play with herself some more while I got prepared.  I guess she thought she was going to get banged right away because she was really going to town on her puss with her fingers.  I came back with a bunch of things that I wanted to put in her snatch.  I wanted to view just how far she would go.  Well, she was up for anything.  We stuffed her pretty gash with all sorts of stuff – bottles, candles, kitchen utensils, and even a stuffed dong!  I figured she’d earned it so I banged her good and then she finally passed out with her ho full of my dude goo. 

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