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Krystal is Obsessed with Stuffing Her Muff

Some chicks love sex and some babez love to masturbate – but Krystal?  She’s a different kind of freak.  Ever since she was a small woman she has had an obsession with her kunt.  When she was small she would put pens and stuff in it – sometimes even veggies that she stole from the dinner table.  But now that she’s a woman she loves to find thick things to stuff her puss with.  The more bizarre the insertion the more it turns her on.  Some of her favorite things to fuck her muff with are bottles (beer bottle fucking, wine bottle fucking) and household items.  She’s even been known to stuff the end of a broom into her juicy petite hole.

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Isabelle Lights Up My Life

How else can u describe this small cunt other than exactly that – a slut. Isabelle freely admits that she likes the peen and will fuck any amount of men at any time. But one of her favorite pastimes is to finds some crazy assed objects to download if they will somehow fit into her muff. Last night when the lamp went out in her bedroom she grabbed a light bulb to replace it and then had this wonderful idea to dl how many would fit in her snatch.

Isabelle loves to try new things and last night was no different as u can plainly download. This teen is a sex crazed, sex starved machine so u better be prepared for anything goes if u ever get the chance to meet her. In the meantime u should get to know her up close and personal right here as she stuffs everything imaginable into her tight small vag!

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Alex and Ivy are Twisted!

Alex and Ivy are two very horny chicks and when they don’t have a couple of guys around to satisfy their carnal desires they just take care of each other themselves! They’ve been doing it for so long that they’ve gotten rather creative and have found all sorts of bizarre objects that are good for fucking each other’s pussies with! These slutty babez will use just about anything to make each other jizz and you’ll be shocked at the things they come up with!

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Watt The Hell is That?

My latest fling is a hottie by the name of Isabelle and for some reason this woman just likes to stuff anything and everything into her tight small muff as well as her backside. At first I thought she just loved a good double penetration, my wang in her snatch and a toy in her backside. But as I got to know her better Isabelle started to slowly reveal a tiny more of herself and I have to admit I was more than just a little curious.

The last time I was over at her place she had all kinds of objects just lying around and I asked her what was up. Isabelle told me that she was going to put on a show for me and proceeded to begin masturbating with everything that surrounded her. There were table legs and butt plugs. There were cucumbers and wrenches. It seemed a little bizarre at first but I started getting into it as she moaned and groaned. Her grand finale was a light bulb in both her backside and her vag – what a way to light up a room!

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