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Construction Worker’s Dream Babe

I was working on the highway in the middle of nowhere last summer making sure the Interstate was in good shape for the winter. Most of us guys would hang around the hotel bar all night drinking and telling all sorts of stories. After a week or so of this I decided that maybe I should get my backside out of the bar at night and find myself a real live lady – not some fictional babe my buddies kept talking about. It didn’t take me long to get to the closest lil town and boy was I in for a amazing time!

This chick just came up to my truck and told me to lose my clothes and bring 1 of those orange pylons with me. I was game for anything with this gorgeous tiny whore so I grabbed a pylon and before I knew it that damn thing was buried deep inside her muff as she spread her legs wide for me!

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Diana is Today’s Special

As soon as I got back from being away on business I noticed that my girlfriend wasn’t home which was rather odd as I hadn’t seen her in two weeks. After checking out the upstairs bedrooms I came back down and somehow in that short time she had turned the dining room table into my own personal all u can eat buffet. Diana was a sight for sore eyes in her pink top and panties just sitting on the table waiting for me to come and eat her muff.

Diana then tugged out some of my tools from the garage and told me not to worry. She said the only thing that was broken was her snatch and she was begging me to eat her out and then stretch her vag wide with some of my big wrenches. I was a tiny taken aback at first but it didn’t take me long to get into it and soon she was coming all over me!

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Freaky Babe Caught In The Act

I knew this lady once who had a ton of stuffed toys on her bed. I thought it was just one of those girly things – u know how some chicks hang on to their stuffed toys forever? It drives me insane, but whatever. Long as they don’t have to be on the bed while I’m fucking her. That just freaks me out.

tobistuffed.jpgAnyway, I’d been seeing her for awhile and she gave me a key to her apartment so I could come and go when I wanted. That was kind of cool. I used to go over in the evening after work when I needed some release sometimes and 1 night I really needed a good fuck. So I go over there and hear moaning from the bedroom. I think she’s fucking some other stud so I go in there ready to raise hell and find her with one of her stuffed animals legs buried in her snatch. I watched from the door way until I couldn’t stand it any more and then I jumped her and she came as soon as I sank my peen in her muff.

She told me later that she had a thing for freaky insertions and did it freak me out? LOL – well, I nailed her again just to show her how tiny it freaked me out!

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Hair Brush Fucking

twisted-objects-3.jpgYou would not believe how incredibly kunt obsessed some chicks are. These babez are always looking for something new and bizarre to stuff their cunts with. They love the new textures and the new feelings and like to find things that will get them off faster and faster.

Missy is 1 of those chicks. I’ve seen her fuck her puss with the most bizarre and twisted objects you can imagine. The stranger it is the more it seems to turn her on. I especially like this clip where she fucks her muff with her hair brush! I guess she really liked all the ridges on the handles because her twat was just dripping wet and she really wet to town ramming that thing in her hole. And stud, did she ever come hard! She was screaming and bucking her hips like a crazy thing as she shuddered in 1 hell of an orgasm.

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