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Rainy Day Has New Meaning

There are chicks that like vibrators and babez that get off on stuffing themselves with veggies but you’ll never find chicks that get off on fucking themselves with weird and bizarre objects like the babez at Twisted Objects.  The stranger the object and the more bizarre the penetration the hotter they get over it.

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 Sophia is 1 of the sexy girls that have a fetish for bizarre vag fucking.  1 rainy day she discovered how wonderful her umbrella could be.  That curved hand had a amazing texture and was perfect for getting to her g-spot.  And the umbrella was so nice and long that it gave her a chance to maneuver it into the exact right position.  In fact it worked so good that it didn’t take her long at all before she was writhing around with the umbrella handled up her puss and getting prepared for a major orgasm.  Sophia likes rainy days more than ever now!

Twisted Objects is all about babez getting their pussies stuffed with the most bizarre penetrations!

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Kirsten’s Little Pink Love Bud.

Kirsten lives alone in a very luxurious apartment. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she does have an enormous sexual appetite. She doesn’t get her kicks from sex, though. Kirsten likes to do things a bit differently. She opens the curtains of her apartment and strips naked in front of the window. Once she gets a hot man’s attention from another building, she lets him watch as she fucks herself to orgasm.

Kirsten opened her curtains one night and was pleased to see a man already watching her. He had watched Kirsten play with herself before, and she loved showing him her pretty cunt. Kirsten rubbed her big round tits in the window, and then took them out of the lingerie top. She squeezed her little nipples and massaged them until they were hard.

Kirsten sat in front of the window and slowly spread her legs. Her cunt was covered by lacey panties, so she pulled them to the side to expose her pink twat. She rubbed her clit for a few seconds, then pulled her panties off and spread her legs again, this time letting her voyeur see every inch of her pussy.

Kirsten reached between her thighs and started to rub her clit again, this time taking her time and working the little bud until it was slick with pussy juice and swollen. Kirsten wet her fingers with her own cum and slipped her fingers into her cunt. She pumped them in and out of her hot hole until she forced herself to orgasm all over the carpet.

Now she was ready for her favorite part of her sessions. Kirsten grabbed her huge dildo and licked it until it was wet. Then she pushed it deep into her pussy. Kirsten loved forcing the huge dildo into her cunt as far as it would go. Soon she was penetrating herself faster and faster, hitting her love button just right until she sprayed the dildo with her spurting orgasm.

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Melissa Plays With Her Monster Dildo.

As Melissa turned on the music to start cleaning her apartment, she realized that she was a bit horny. The thumping bass of the hard rock she loved made her insides quiver and she began to feel her pussy throb in time with the beat.

She didn’t want to clean anyways, but her friend was coming over in a few hours and she didn’t want the place to look messy. But then again, she did have a few hours.

Dancing around to the music, Melissa began to rock her hips. Dressed in a tight striped top with white heels, she began to shake her ass in the air and feel her small, but perky tits. She loved the way her body looked and she began to admire herself as she continued to dance.

Removing her light pink thong, she licked her fingers and began to finger her pussy. First one finger, then another, she began to let the sensations take her mind away from cleaning and she began to picture the rock star singer fucking her in the back of the tour bus.

Melissa expertly fingered her clit, finding all of the right rhythms and rocking to the music as well as to her orgasm. But it was the monster cock dildo that would finally take her over the edge.

Her friends had laughed when she’d bought it in the store, but Melissa knew that it was just the right size for her twat. She loved a huge cock, and it slid in easily after she sucked on it, still keeping in mind the rock star.

Finally cumming, Melissa sank into the couch, exhausted. When the phone rang, she could barely answer.

“I’m not going to be able to come over,” her friend said.

Staring at the glistening dildo, Melissa smiled.

“Oh, that’s okay, something came up for me too.”

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Renata Black Lets Loose With Her Blue Toy.

While her company had just started a casual Friday policy, Renata Black was having none of it. Everyone else just threw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, but Renata wanted to show off her body a bit more. Dressed in her bright red halter top, she smiled as she looked in the mirror, ready to show those frumpy office ladies what youthful beauty looked like.

As she stared in the mirror, she realized that her heart was beginning to race a bit. Renate checked the thermostat, but everything seemed fine. Looking at herself again, she realized that she was wet and definitely horny.

A quick check of the time let her know that she had a few minutes to spare before she would hit rush hour traffic. She began to rub her breasts from outside of her halter top. Her tits were pert and taut. While they weren’t eh biggest boobs on the block, they certainly got attention from the guys.

Taking her shirt off, she began to feel her nipples and breasts in her hands. Closing her eyes, she began to rub herself and slowly her hand moved toward her pants. Her pussy was so wet, she was sure that it showed through her panties.

She played and teased her clit until she was on the brink of cumming, but she wanted more than just a little clit loving. She wanted some cock. Out came her blue dildo and she licked it quickly to get it nice and wet for her hole. Of course, she was wet enough, but the taste of her past juices made her even more aroused.

Thrusting the dildo into her twat, she rocked her hips and came hard. It was the perfect start to a Friday morning, although Renata was tempted to simply call in.

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