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Always Eat Your Veggies

Lola and I have been shopping together for years and ever since I can remember she has always teased me whenever we hit the produce section. Lola just likes to tell me how much a cucumber looks like a guy’s rock hard weiner and even starts to blow the damn thing right in the store! She is always surprising me with her antics but last night an innocent scene night for the babes turned into my first lesbian experience.

Lola and I had finished watching the video and she went to make us some drinks to relax a tiny more. When she came back from the kitchen she had the drinks all right, but also a tray of vegetables. I thought Lola was going to put on a show for me but I soon found out that she wanted me as the main course. We spent hours ramming all sorts of veggies into our pussies and it wasn’t long before I got to taste my first puss!

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Her Favorite Veggie


Malezia just can’t get enough muff fucking and when she hasn’t got a stud around she can always find something to stuff in her juicy hole. Sometimes she uses a vibrator or a dildo but she loves to get creative, too! She’s tried bottles and candles and all sorts of phallic shaped objects but her favorite kinky play thing is veggies! Yes, this horny cunt likes sticking raw, crisp veggies into her slippery puss. She’s done a lot of experimenting and she’s found that the one that gets her off the most is a long English cucumber. She loves all those bumps and ridges that drive her insane as she slides it in and out of her coocher. Once she’s got one of those inside her and gives herself a good fuck it doesn’t take long for her to dude goo! And the bonus is that once she’s done she can eat it up!

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Lexy Loves a Veggie Fuck


Lexy loves veggies and not in the way that most babes like to get their veggies to stay healthy.  Lexy loves fucking herself with veggies.  Cucumbers, carrots – anything that’s nice and thick and crisp and will fit inside her wet muff.  She’s perpetually horny so she learned how good veggie fucking could be when her boyfriend at the time wasn’t giving her enough dick.  She started experimenting and found that all the different textures of veggies could be very exciting.  And now she’s totally addicted.  She’s always looking for something new to slide into her puss and she likes taking videos of herself so that she can view them later and masturbate to them.  And let me tell u, some of those vids are pretty sexy.  She gets really carried away stuffing her kunt and she screams like an animal when she gets off.  This is 1 veggie fucker you don’t want to miss so you should really check her out!

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Ashley Loves Her Veggies


  Ashley is a very natural woman with amazing natural beauty and she attributes a lot of that to all the fresh vegetables that she gobbles.  She love fresh garden carrots and crisp cucumbers and zucchini as well.  But she doesn’t just eat them.  Ashley likes to play with her food. 

Once Ashley gets a taste of a thick cucumber in her mouth she can’t resist rubbing it against her perk lil titties.  Then, she takes it down to her clit and rubs it around there for a bit until it is covered in her wet puss juices.  Then – this is the greatest thing to dl – she slides that huge bumpy cucumber right into her tight petite hole!  It’s a bit of a tight fit but she keeps twisting and turning it until she has a stretched out hole that full of veggie love!  There’s nothing that makes her jizm harder than a veggie stuffed ho! 

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