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This Whore Loves Her Veggies

I saw how this small hottie was checking me out at the mall the other day so I decided to stop what I was doing and follow her around for awhile. It was a lil boring at first but then she realized what I was up to and the fun began. At the end of the mall is a grocery store and she led me down the produce aisle with a huge grin on her face.

I knew where this was headed and I couldn’t wait to get my hand on some of those veggies and really fuck her yummy puss with them. I bought some that she didn’t view for later that night and when I finally introduced myself we were long past petite talk. Our eyes said it all and as I followed her car back to her place my peen was almost as large as the veggies I had prepared for her juicy ho.

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Ashley Bangs a Cucumber!

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The last time Ashley went to the local market she wasn’t there for anything to eat but to find something that would substitute nicely for a rock hard boner. She had been burned by a couple of different guys over the past couple of months and thought that maybe fucking an inanimate object would be the answer to her troubles. Ashley had long tired of her vibrators and other sex toys so today was a manhunt for something thick, long and hard.

It didn’t take more than five minutes for Ashley to find exactly what she was looking for. She hurriedly grabbed a couple of other meaningless items so she wouldn’t look like a freak when paying and then sped home as quick as she could. Once on her bed she grabbed a twelve inch cucumber and starting to give this thing a blow job like it was her favorite penis. Dripping with wetness Ashley then slid that baby deep into her slut until she exploded in ecstasy!

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Diana is Today’s Special

As soon as I got back from being away on business I noticed that my girlfriend wasn’t home which was rather odd as I hadn’t seen her in two weeks. After checking out the upstairs bedrooms I came back down and somehow in that short time she had turned the dining room table into my own personal all u can eat buffet. Diana was a sight for sore eyes in her pink top and panties just sitting on the table waiting for me to come and eat her puss.

Diana then pulled out some of my tools from the garage and told me not to worry. She said the only thing that was broken was her snatch and she was begging me to eat her out and then stretch her ho wide with some of my big wrenches. I was a petite taken aback at first but it didn’t take me long to get into it and soon she was coming all over me!

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Bizzare Insertions Make Pussies Wet


Some chickz love to fuck. Some chickz love to suck boner. And some girls just love their pussies. They are totally infatuated with them. They like to diddle them. They like to show them off. And they love to stuff them with weird and bizarre objects. This babe is especially kinky. She will stuff her puss with anything that even remotely resembles a phallic object. She especially loves things with bumps and ridges and different textures and you might find her at any given time with a beer bottle or a cucumber or even a stuffed animal in her kunt. She gets really worked up when she’s fucking her kunt with something new and she cums so hard! And if she has an audience she’s even more thrilled because she knows that someone is watching her getting off while they get themselves off at the same time. So do her a favor and check her out!

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Rayna is one freaky babe. She loves anything that will make her cum and you’d be surprised at the things she’s done for the sake of an orgasm. She loves to fit weird and bizarre objects into her sexy little vagina. Beer bottle, sex toys, household objects – if it fits it will do the trick. Her vag is perpetually wet so she’s always looking for new things with interesting textures to fuck her pussy with. She loves sliding twisted objects in and out of her slippery pussy and should really hear her moan. She gets so worked up and so into it that she doesn’t even care who is watching. I’ve watched her weird insertions a few times before, stroking my peen the entire time, and after a certain point she just forgets that I’m even there. Rayna is a sexy freaky babe for sure and that’s something you don’t want to miss!

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