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Fun Fuck Toys

Candy doesn’t like to be left unsatisfied so even on those nights when she can’t be with her dude or someone else that can make her spunk she finds lots of ways to get herself off. On a night like tonight, when she’s at home, she reaches for her trusty vibrator. This thing purrs like a kitten and makes her vagina purr as well! She’s not always at home when she has the need to satisfy herself though so sometimes she has to get creative. One night when she was staying at a friend’s house she used her friend’s dad’s toothbrush! Another night, after crashing at a party she used an empty beer bottle. And 1 time, when her date had too much to drink and passed out before he could fuck her she used the candle sticks from the romantic dinner he made her. His loss. Candy knows that there are lots of things that are fun to fuck with!

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House Cleaning Gets Raunchy


My girlfriend, Marla, said she was going to stay home and do some of the house cleaning 1 Saturday afternoon. I was headed out for a run in the park and didn’t think anything of it. So I had my run and then came home and you wouldn’t believe what I found! I walked in the door and I guess I must have been kind of quiet because she obviously didn’t hear me. She was too busy moaning and groaning in the living room. At first I thought she had another guy there or something but when I peeked in I found her with her legs spread open and her vagina stuffed with the end of the feather duster! She was really working herself over with the handle of that thing! I watched for a moment as she slid that duster in and out of her juicy vag but I couldn’t just stand there for long. I went and gave her a hand!

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Beer Bottle Fucking


There’s something about a babe that is not afraid to experiment that is really hot. I went out with this lady in college and she was very experimental. She loved to try new things so when we went back to her place after a frat party and I suggested she give me a show she was all up for it. She decided to show me how she’d like me to fuck her vagina by fucking herself with a beer bottle. She slid that thick bottle into her vag nice and slow and began to work her pussy over. She just kept getting wetter and wetter and pretty soon she was really pounding her gash. With me watching and stroking my meat, she kept fucking her pussy and pinching her nipples until she came in a shuddering orgasm. After that she sucked my cock until I came all over her boobs.

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She Is Such a Freaky Babe


You know I started dating this woman because I’d finally given up on finding the perfect woman – u know – the one that is a woman in public but a sex goddess in the bedroom? I started going out with Gina because I thought that at least I could bring her home to my folks. But I found out a few weeks into our relationship that she IS the perfect young babe. She has a killer body and a yummy disposition and I know my Mom is going to love her – as long as I don’t tell her what a freak she is in the bedroom. Gina likes to fuck but what really gets her wet is when I fuck her with weird and bizarre objects. We’ve had a lot of fun finding things in my apartment that I can fuck her vagina with. Next weekend we’re staying at her place and I’m already keeping my eyes open for new and bizarre objects to stuff her vag with!

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Opehlia Stuffs Her Tight Pussy With Dildos

If you think most teens lose their virginity to some cocks you are wrong. They often lose it to their own fingers or dildo or bananas or cocacola bottles or even maybe a sweet girlfriend fills her virgin pussy with a big huge dildo. Come watch the cutest teens fucking machines, toys and whatever they can get their hands on @ toyteen.com

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