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Veggie Stuffed Puss

One night I was stumbling through some sites on the online internet and I found this hot site that I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from. Veggie Bang completely got my attention. First I looked through every single teaser video in the tour. Couldn’t help myself – my man meat just got hard watching all these hot babes sliding all sorts of veggies in and out of their slippery snatches. But then I just wanted more. I had to join the damn site and find out what the movies and stuff were like. And guy – it was so worth it!

Veggie Bang has the greatest videos ever! All these chickz are going insane fucking their pussies with bananas, celery, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini – every vegetable that u can think of and likely a few you’ve never seen before. These veggie stuffed pussies had me stroking all night long!

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Banana Banger


This babe really loves her fruits and veggies and I don’t just mean as a meal. She’s always horny so finding new and inventive ways to get herself off is like a game for her. One day she was sitting down with a banana when she noticed what a lovely phallic shape it had. It was long and so firm and looking at it like that made her really horny. She looked around and saw that she was alone and she started rubbing herself through her panties. Well, that just made her hornier. Pretty soon her panties were on the floor and she had her legs in the air and was sliding that banana in and out of her juicy slut. Damn this film was so hot it made me totally lose control.

If you like veggie skanks like this you should really stop by Veggie Bang and check out all the hot videos and pic galleries they have. Whores are getting screwed with all sorts of weird veggies like zucchinis, eggplants, and more. U don’t want to miss it!

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Veggie Stuffed


1 of my old buddies from college had dated this young babe named Anastasia and he said she was a really freaky lady. She was always trying something new in the bedroom and there was rarely ever a time she said no to something he suggested. So, when I ran into her in Boston while I was on a business trip I couldn’t resist finding out for myself. After all, that was years ago and they weren’t together anymore. So, she took me out on the town and then she took me back to her place and then she proceeded to put on the wildest masturbation show I’ve ever seen. She got all these veggies out of the fridge and started playing with them. She rubbed them all over her body, over her clit and then proceeded to fuck herself with them. Guy, that was an awesome show. But what was even more awesome was the fuck session we had afterwards!

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Skanks Get Veggie Stuffed


Think vegetable are boring and nothing to get excited about? Well, u obviously have never seen a long cucumber of a big carrot stuffed inside a slipper skank! I swear, veggie fucking has got to be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen and the babes thing it is pretty hot, too. Sometimes it’s just standard phallic shaped veggies but other times they like to find bizarre shapes or fun textured vegetables to fill their snatches with. And there’s nothing like watching a sexy babe shove a thick veggie into her cunt and fuck herself like insane. It’s even better watching these chickz get fucked by someone else with a veggie in their hand. These chickz quiver and moan as they take that zucchini deep or ride it nice and hard and when they sperm – dude! That’s hot! Some sluts will do anything to get off and that includes getting their pussies pounded with long and thick veggies!

Want to download for yourself? Click here to view all the insane veggie stuffing going on at Veggie Bangers!

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