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Celery Stuffed Holes

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So, my buddy hooked me up with this chick last weekend. He promised that I would like her. We hung out and had a good time but she wasn’t bangin’ hot, you know what I mean? But she really wanted me to come back to her place for a couple more drinks, so I figured what the hell.

When we went inside she was all over me. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to do her yet but she promised me a freaky good time. So we started making out and fooling around. I have to admit she did have a amazing butt. Then, she suddenly got up and told me to wait a sec. I figured she was going to get condoms or something. But she went into the kitchen and started rooting around. I thought it was a rather weird time for a snack. She came back with condoms in one hand and some fat stalks of celery in the other. “Are u hungry?” I asked her? She said yes, but not for food. She told me she wanted me to veggie fuck her! I was speechless. But that was ok because she told me exactly what to do and soon I was fucking her with that celery – one in her bitch and one in her backside!

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Hair Brush Fucking

twisted-objects-3.jpgU would not believe how incredibly puss obsessed some chickz are. These chickz are always looking for something new and bizarre to stuff their cunts with. They love the new textures and the new feelings and like to find things that will get them off faster and faster.

Missy is one of those girls. I’ve seen her fuck her pussy with the most bizarre and twisted objects u can imagine. The stranger it is the more it seems to turn her on. I especially like this mov where she fucks her vagina with her hair brush! I guess she really liked all the ridges on the handles because her puss was just dripping wet and she really wet to town ramming that thing in her hole. And stud, did she ever come hard! She was screaming and bucking her hips like a wild thing as she shuddered in 1 hell of an orgasm.

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Some Chickz Never Stop Playing with Dolls


Some chickz refuse to grow up when it comes to their favorite childhood things and in this case we have quite the story. U download, this particular hottie has always maintained her collection of Barbie dolls and most people tease her about it. She just smiles very coyly and tells all of them that she just loves to keep her favorite childhood memories around her at all times.

What everyone doesn’t realize is that when she is alone her Barbie’s come to life in ways one would never imagine. After slowly undressing them and rubbing them down with some baby oil, her former toys come to life as her new found sex toys. It isn’t long before these dolls are finding there way into all of her holes. She especially likes it when that one special doll slides deep into her wet vagina all the way up to its neck. After fucking her toys all night long and cumming all over them she makes sure everything is back in its proper place come the next morning.

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Cucumber Fucking Is Hot

This cutie likes all things healthy and that especially include veggies because they satisfy more than her desire for healty living.  They also satisfy her lusty desire to have her ho stuffed with something firm and hard!  You can tell she really has something naughty in mind when she starts eyeing up this cucumber.  She licks her lips and then she licks up and down its long hard surface and then she promptly finds a place where she can play.  And once she’s alone that long cucumber is a perfect fit for her juicy lil skank. 

She spreads her snatch lips open and slide that veggie in nice and slow so we can watch her pussy stretching open for it.  Then she seems to totally loose control and starts fucking herself with it faster and faster.  Damn this bitch is really horny!  And I have to admit watching her go to town with that veggie made me pretty sexy as well!  I just found out I have a whole new fetish!

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Rainy Day Has New Meaning

There are chickz that like vibrators and chickz that get off on stuffing themselves with veggies but you’ll never find girls that get off on fucking themselves with weird and bizarre objects like the babez at Twisted Objects.  The stranger the object and the more bizarre the penetration the hotter they get over it.

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 Sophia is one of the sexy girls that have a fetish for bizarre vag fucking.  One rainy day she discovered how wonderful her umbrella could be.  That curved hand had a great texture and was perfect for getting to her g-spot.  And the umbrella was so nice and long that it gave her a chance to maneuver it into the exact right position.  In fact it worked so good that it didn’t take her long at all before she was writhing around with the umbrella handled up her pussy and getting prepared for a major orgasm.  Sophia likes rainy days more than ever now!

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